What is OPC-UA?

👨‍🔧 Do you know what OPC-UA is? We call it the “standard industry 4.0 protocol to connect machines” 🔗

OPC-UA stands for “Open Plattform Communications Unified Architecture”. It is the approach to establish an industry standard for the machine to machine communication. From our point of view, this already succeeded! 

Already many companies in different branches are using OPC-UA to connect their machines. From a technological point of view, OPC-UA uses TCP-IP communication. That means that you can use is with your existing network! Let’s have a look at the advantages OPC-UA brings:

✅ Platform Independence
✅ Secure
✅ Extensible
✅ Comprehensive information modeling

This might sound pretty strange and abstract.

❗️However, you should keep in mind: Whenever you want to connect machines check OPC-UA as it is the standard for machine interoperability in the world industry 4.0.❗️

Are you using OPC-UA already? What challenges do you face?

Stay connected, 
Your konektilo Team 🚀